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Live Your Life

July 23, 2013

1. What people think about you is not important…because they will have an opinion and there’s nothing you can do about it. But remember, it’s what you think about yourself that matters the most. Don’t ever let anyone tell you that you’re less than what you are. Never let anyone make you think low of yourself. Always think up. Remember, whatever you think about yourself, that’s what you are!

2. You can be anything you want to be. For all the dreamers out there, here’s something you need to know. The time while you’re waiting for your dreams to come true is not a bad time. All you have to do is keep moving, keep believing, keep fighting, keep working hard and keep praying. You see the God we serve? He’s not a foolish God. He’s a marvelous God. His ways are not our ways. There’s an appointed time for everything. When He’s ready for you, you won’t believe what hit you. When your dream takes off, you’re going to be running, trying to keep up with it. Your dreams will come true because you deserve it. Just never give up!

3. Remember, one day this life will be over…so while you’re still here, you must live the best life you can. You owe that to yourself. Feel as much love, as much joy, as much happiness as you can handle. You can have a good life. You deserve to be happy. You deserve good things. Be good to yourself and others and all good things will come to you.
All the best!!!


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